Best High Temperature Epoxy For Metal

of Dec 2023


Total reviews 9.53K   

Rating 4.6★

J-B Weld 8271 KwikWeld Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack - 10 oz. is an ideal product for DIY repairs. It is a two-part epoxy system that provides strong, lasting repairs to metal and...


Total reviews 8.33K   

Rating 4.2★

J-B Weld 37901 ExtremeHeat High Temperature Resistant Metallic Paste - 3 oz is the perfect solution for repairs to iron, steel and metal in high temperature environments (2400°F / 1300°C). This prod...


Total reviews 7.07K   

Rating 4.7★

J-B Weld 8281 Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy Twin Pack - 10 oz., Grey is the perfect solution for any DIY project. This original cold weld two-part epoxy system provides strong and lasting r...

[150 Feet / 50 Yards] 1.9 Inch Wide Aluminum Tape/Aluminum Foil Tape – Professional/Contractor

Total reviews 4.93K   

Rating 4.6★

If you're looking for a professional and contractor-grade aluminum tape, look no further than this 1.9 inch wide aluminum tape/aluminum foil tape. This tape is designed to provide excellent sealing an...

PC Products PC

Total reviews 3.25K   

Rating 4.6★

PC Products PC-7 Epoxy Adhesive Paste is a two-part, heavy-duty epoxy paste that is ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. This multipurpose epoxy adhesive paste works as a bonding ag...

TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin 2 Quart Kit

Total reviews 1.82K   

Rating 4.4★

TotalBoat Table Top Epoxy Resin 2 Quart Kit is a crystal clear coating and casting resin that is perfect for bar tops, table tops, wood, concrete, ceramic, stainless steel and more. This two part epox...

Gorilla Heavy Duty GorillaWeld Steel Bond 2

Total reviews 1.49K   

Rating 4.5★

Gorilla Heavy Duty GorillaWeld Steel Bond 2-Part Epoxy is an incredibly strong and versatile adhesive. This two part epoxy has a 4250 psi bond strength and sets in just 10 minutes, making it perfect f...

Rescue Tape | Self

Total reviews 0.95K   

Rating 4.2★

Rescue Tape is the ultimate multi-purpose self-fusing repair tape that can be used for a variety of emergency repairs. With its incredible 950 PSI tensile strength and ability to insulate 8,000 volts ...

Permatex 84101 PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy, 0.84 oz.

Total reviews 0.90K   

Rating 4.4★

Permatex 84101 PermaPoxy 5 Minute General Purpose Epoxy is a fast-setting, two-part adhesive and filler system that sets in as little as five minutes with no clamping needed. This clear epoxy is a gre...

MG Chemicals 8331D Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive, High Conductivity, 20 min Working time, 2

Total reviews 409   

Rating 4.5★

6. 20 minute working time, 6 hour cure time 7. Economical 14 gram kit MG Chemicals 8331D Silver Conductive Epoxy Adhesive is a 2-part electrically conductive silver-filled epoxy adhesive that is id...

Rectorseal 97606 4

Total reviews 408   

Rating 4.5★

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and reliable epoxy putty? Look no further than RECTORSEAL 97606 4-Ounce Ep-400 Epoxy Putty! This epoxy putty is perfect for fixing small repairs and is made in the U...


Total reviews 369   

Rating 4.6★

TotalBoat THIXO is an innovative thickened epoxy adhesive that is perfect for a wide range of bonding, gluing, filling, and sealing projects. This two-part epoxy comes in a convenient 185 ml cartridge...

West System 105

Total reviews 358   

Rating 4.7★

West System 105-B Epoxy Resin is a versatile and reliable epoxy resin that can be used for a variety of applications. This epoxy resin is a clear, pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid that can be blended...

Permatex 84102 High Heat Epoxy

Total reviews 247   

Rating 4★

Permatex 84102 High Heat Epoxy is the ideal solution to common surface repairs that are exposed to high temperatures, like those found under the hood of cars or in home repairs. This epoxy is formulat...

PC Products PC

Total reviews 133   

Rating 4.4★

PC Products PC-Metal Epoxy Putty is the perfect solution for all your emergency repair needs. This 2 oz stick of dark gray putty is formulated with metal alloy to add strength and resilience while rem...

PC Products PC

Total reviews 106   

Rating 4.3★

PC Products PC-Fahrenheit Hi-Temp 1 oz Epoxy Adhesive, Brown (25543) is the perfect solution for emergency repairs where time is of the essence. This epoxy putty is specially designed for high-temp re...

Aron Alpha Industrial Krazy Glue

Total reviews 97   

Rating 4.4★

6. Non-flammable, low odor and no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) 7. Suitable for use in automotive, aerospace, appliance, electronics, and industrial assembly applications. ARON ALPHA TYPE 414T...

WEICON Repair Stick Multi Purpose | 1.92 Oz (57 g) | 2

Total reviews 4   

Rating 4.5★

⋅ DETAILS - WEICON Repair Stick Multi is fast-curing / multifunctional / heat-resistant / pasty / mineral-filled - an all-rounder for repairs on almost all surfaces.
⋅ PRACTICAL - mixi...


Total reviews 3   

Rating 5★

⋅ Product 1: J-B WELD WATERWELD: A hand mixable two part epoxy putty stick, that can cure under water and is ideal for repairing plumbing, fuel tanks, tubs and showers, drains, pool and spa, boa...

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