Best Lube For Urethral Sounding

of Dec 2023

Überlube Silicone Lubricant | Latex

Total reviews 33.85K   

Rating 4.6★

Introducing Überlube Silicone Lubricant, the perfect solution for all your personal lubrication needs. Whether you’re looking for an unscented, flavorless, and water-friendly lubricant for sex, an ...

Wet Flavored Sultry Strawberry Edible Lube, Premium Personal Lubricant, 3 Ounce, for Men, Women and Couples,...

Total reviews 24.94K   

Rating 4.2★

Wet Flavored Sultry Strawberry Edible Lube is a premium personal lubricant made for men, women, and couples. It’s the ideal lubricant for foreplay and oral sex. This water-soluble lubricant is formu...


Total reviews 18.91K   

Rating 4.4★

Are you and your partner trying to conceive? Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant is here to help! Developed by doctors and used by fertility clinics, Pre-Seed is the #1 fertility-lubricant and is designed to...

LubeLife Water

Total reviews 10.05K   

Rating 4.5★

Introducing #LubeLife Water-Based Anal Lubricant, the perfect backdoor lube for both men and women! Our silky-smooth, buttery glide lubricant is long-lasting, non-sticky and complements the body’s n...

Astroglide Ultra Gentle Sex Lube Gel (3 oz.) | Water Based Personal Lubricant for Men, Women, Couples...

Total reviews 6.52K   

Rating 4.4★

ASTROGLIDE Ultra Gentle Sex Lube Gel (3 oz.) is the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin. This water-based lubricant gel is made with the finest ingredients available, without glycerin, para...

Astroglide Warming Personal Lubricant (2.5 oz.) | Water Based Lubricant for Men and Women

Total reviews 3.81K   

Rating 4.1★

5. EASY TO CLEAN - Non-staining, easy to clean up and washes off skin and fabric with warm water and soap ASTOGLIDE Warming Personal Lubricant is the perfect way to add a little extra heat and stim...

Silicone Lube K

Total reviews 2.95K   

Rating 4.4★

Spectra 360 Premium Electrode Gel for ECG, TENS, Monitoring, Pediatrics Soothing Gel Anti

Total reviews 1.58K   

Rating 4.6★

6. BACTERIOSTATIC - Spectra 360 gel is salt and chloride-free and also bacteriostatic. This helps to reduce the risk of infection, making it even safer to use. 7. HYPOALLERGENIC - Spectra 360 gel is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. This gel is designed to be gentle on the skin, while still providing superior results.


Total reviews 827   

Rating 4.6★

Introducing MCK19191406 - Lubricating Jelly McKesson Tube Sterile (Pack of 3). This product is perfect for those looking for a safe and reliable lubricant to enhance their sexual pleasure. The Medi-Pa...

One Condoms One Move Lubricant, 100 Ml

Total reviews 548   

Rating 4.7★

One Condoms One Move Lubricant is the perfect solution for a smooth and satisfying sexual experience. This 100 ml bottle of lubricant is compatible with all sex toys, latex safe, and non-irritating, m...

HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly Tube, 2

Total reviews 535   

Rating 4.7★

HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly Tube is a 2-ounce tube containing a water-soluble, stable, non-greasy lubricating jelly. This jelly is ideal for lubricating rubber products, rectal thermometers, ...

Durvet 698916 Non

Total reviews 450   

Rating 4.8★

Durvet 698916 Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly, 5 oz is the perfect choice for all your veterinary needs. This non-spermicidal jelly is specifically formulated for gynecological procedures an...

Chester Labs E

Total reviews 14   

Rating 4.8★

Chester Labs E-Z Lubricating Jelly is the perfect choice for lubricating and protecting sensitive areas during medical procedures. This water-soluble jelly is designed to be used in a variety of appli...

Medline E

Total reviews 12   

Rating 4.6★

Medline E-Z Lubricating Jelly is the ideal solution for lubricating gloves and instruments. This sterile, greaseless, water-soluble jelly spreads easily over rubber, synthetic or metal surfaces to for...

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